Utterly Bugged

Utterly Bugged


Ken Tennessen

ISBN: 9781937693312




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An entomological work of fiction by noted Odonatologist Ken Tennessen.

Synopsis: Unaware that he has been transported back in time, retired entomologist Amos Garruty lands in a biological world unknown to him. Early on he sees peculiar dragonflies cure an injured snake, a superstition long debunked. Things soon take a turn for the worse when he sees a large bony-toothed bird streak through a clearing in the rainforest. He is aware that these flightless giants went extinct millions of years ago. He soon realizes he is alone. During his frantic struggle to return to the present, he is bitten by mosquitoes and unknowingly contracts a bygone virus. His ensuing travels in the United States unleash a hellish trail of infection. As people along his route get sick, it dawns on him that he might be a carrier. He tries to avoid contact, but is unsure what is really happening. Suspecting that authorities are hunting him, he flees to South America. His obsession with the enigmatic origins of insects continues to escalate, leading to a supernatural encounter that shakes him to his core.