The Odin House Harvest

The Odin House Harvest

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Mark Gustafson

ISBN: 9781937693039

Pages: 158

Publication Date: 2015

Typeface: Quadraat

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The Odin House Harvest: An Analytical Bibliography of the Publications of Robert Bly's Fifties, Sixties, Seventies, Eighties, Nineties, and Thousands Press by Mark Gustafson is a remarkable documentation of Robert Bly's publishing work over six decades. 140 pages with a sixteen page color insert reproducing a number of book and magazine covers. Contains a preface by Robert Bly. This is the standard paperback copy, the first fifty copies (printed in 2012) were signed by Gustafson and Bly and included letterpress dust jacket and slipcase.

"These bibliographies are amazing things. The range of detail is staggering, and the love of detail is very touching. As I read through it, I am touched by the intensity of human devotion to the printed word. Every small booklet has its own story and often its own chaos." – Robert Bly, from the Foreword