The Frozen Harbor

The Frozen Harbor


Michael Hettich

ISBN: 9781945063121

Pages: 100

Publication Date: June 2017

Typeface: Warnock Pro

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2016 David Martinson – Meadowhawk Prize Winner.

Michael Hettich is the author of numerous books of poetry. In addition to The Frozen Harbor, his most recent collections are Systems of Vanishing (University of Tampa Press, 2014), The Animals Beyond Us (New Rivers Press, 2011) and Like Happiness (Anhinga Press, 2010). He teaches at Miami Dade College.

Michael Hettich’s The Frozen Harbor is a book brimming over with revelations, a rich, evocative collection that is an absolute joy to read. Throughout the book, Hettich takes us on a constant course of discovery, often voyaging off the map into worlds of surprising unpredictability. The result is an engaging, compelling poetry filled with imaginative turns and intersections, and reading it we find ourselves awakened once more to the mystery, beauty, and wonder of the world around us.
— Robert Hedin