The Extended Words: An Imaginary Dictionary

The Extended Words: An Imaginary Dictionary

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Sid Gershgoren

ISBN: 9781890193843

Pages: 450

Year: 2009

Typeface: Minion Pro

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Another genre-stretching book from Sid Gershgoren, and one you could be paging through for years to come! We think there never has been a book quite like it. Albert Goldbarth describes it this way: "Imagine that our first (and last and best) dictionary had been co-compiled by Dr. Johnson and Jorge Borges, with Italo Calvino showing up to lend the odd bit of advice. Or that it had been planned by Freud and Einstein as they conducted their Australian aboriginal walkabout through the "dreamtime." Or. . . well, what more can I say? Drop your quandio (see under "Q"), and read this mesmerizing multidimensional book!"