In The Ninth Decade

In The Ninth Decade


Marilyn Zuckerman

ISBN: 9781890193461




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Marilyn Zuckerman is a public poet, a true citizen poet, which is a radical thing to be these days. This does not mean that she eschews the private. But even in her work’s most intimate moments—the moments in which she struggles, for example, in the trap of an aging body—the voice is still that of a resilient, big-hearted woman in a traumatic and beautiful world.
— John Andersen

Marilyn Zuckerman has published five books of poetry, Personal Effects, Alice James Books, Cambridge, 1976, Monday Morning Movie, Street Editions, N.Y., 1981, Poems of the Sixth Decade, Garden Street Press, 1993, and from Cedar Hill Publications, Amerika/America, 2002, as well as a chapbook from The Greatest Hits series, Pudding House Publications, 2001. Her newest book, In the Ninth Decade, was published from Red Dragonfly Press in 2010. She lives in Seattle.

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