Breaking The Rules: Starting With Ghazals

Breaking The Rules: Starting With Ghazals


John Calvin Rezmerski

ISBN: 9781890193324

Pages: 126

Published: 2010

Type: Lavinge Text

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Breaking the Rules is a collection of 107 ghazals and quasi-ghazals, with an introductory essay by the author on the rules of writing ghazals and his intent in breaking them.

It’s wonderful to see John Rezmerski’s many gifts come together in a magnificent multi-streamed confluence.... This book is the work of a master word-chef, highlighted with some of the most quotable lines I’ve read in some time.
— Jim Heynen
John Calvin Rezmerski explores the possibilities (and the limits) of the ghazal in every conceivable way. His poems cast their nets out over an ocean teeming with honest emotion and just as honest play.
— Lola Haskins