all through the night

all through the night


Lyle Daggett

ISBN: 9781937693206

Pages: 170

Publication Date: 2013

Typeface: Trump Mediaeval

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All Through The Night: New and Selected Poems by Lyle Daggett is a retrospective gathering of roughly three decades of the poet’s work, including poems chosen from four of his previous books, and a large selection of poems not previously collected. The book includes an introductory essay by Dale Jacobson, as well as an afterword by the author.

Lyle Daggett is a poet’s poet, a fine and influential voice in the wilderness of commercial buzz and drone. This is an important book. Daggett reminds us that the personal is political and that politics affects every aspect of human life. Here is a “field of song”, the hard labor of those who lie forgotten, the beautiful and homely lives, elegies steeped in history, celebrations of the workers of the world: “the spinal column of years, the charged nerve of the earth.” Impossible to place on any poetry peg, Lyle Daggett is a voice unto himself. Take advantage of the last 30 years of brilliant production. Read this book: All Through the Night.
— Lorna Dee Cervantes
It’s a delight to have new and selected poems from this compassionate, politically aware, and uncommonly dedicated man, who for many years has been working the vineyards of the art with verve and moxie. May Lyle Daggett find the readers who need his work as much as all too many of them, alas, need bread…
— Floyce Alexander
In a time when all too much American poetry sounds as if it were cloned from the same grad school vat, these are uniquely original poems of kindness, sympathetic intensity and defiant hope. This is work simultaneously lyrical and angular, classical and revolutionary, and cinematic in its narrative scope. I wish I could read these poems again for the first time. There is nothing like them in contemporary poetry. This is a welcome introduction to the work of a vastly talented poet long past his due.
— Robert Edwards