The Carver's Dream

The Carver's Dream


Andrea Moorhead

ISBN: 9781945063183

Pages: 84

Publication Date: March 2018

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Andrea Moorhead’s poems are rooted in the rugged landscapes of James Bay, the American West, and the North Atlantic coast. Language becomes a stone carver’s chisel, a transformative tool that allows the voice of the stone to speak, to reflect, to participate in the artisan’s exploration of the spiritual world. The often-violent natural forces that shape the North American landscape—wind, fire, rain, and snow—are the context for the poet’s meditations. From time to time, the poet must withdraw to the hermitage and live in calm simplicity, communicating only with the land. Working the land, listening and observing its changing states, one comes to understand the carver’s dream—the hope of freeing the voice of the Earth by creating a spiritual vessel that moves between the human and the natural worlds. Moorhead’s poems invite us to listen to the many voices of the Earth as they sing and howl and rage across the North American continent.