Portraits Of Rodeo Clowns And Royalty

Portraits Of Rodeo Clowns And Royalty


Timothy Young

ISBN: 9781945063138

Pages: 122

Publication Date: February 2018

Typeface: Warnock Pro

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There has always been an epic dimension to Timothy Young’s poetry. I don’t know where he gets it—maybe from his bardic Irish ancestors. The power and reach of this populous book, both vertical and horizontal, is extraordinary.
— Thomas R. Smith

Timothy Young is a poet and retired educator in juvenile corrections. His book, Herds of Bears Surround Us, was published by Red Dragonfly Press in 2010. He has recorded three CDs of poetry and his poem 'Mississippi Ecstasy' was set for a big band jazz suite by composer, Dan Cavanagh.   He is chairman of the Board of Directors for Robert Bly’s Minnesota Men’s Conferences.

Author website: www.twoboots.net