Loon In Late November Water

Loon In Late November Water


Freya Manfred

ISBN: 9781945063237

Pages: 100

Publication Date: September 2018

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Freya Manfred’s visionary poems range far and deep. I can’t remember when I have read truer or more urgent poetry. She shares Whitman’s American grandness of spirit, but she is a clear-sighted woman of a later age in our national experiment, “a naked voice, surrounded by continents.” These poems nourish me, too, with their evocation of the natural world we humans love together, and call us to “grow in hope with the earth.”
— Connie Wanek, author of Rival Gardens
Wonderful poems. Loon In Late November Water is my favorite (poem), though I’ve read and reread and like them all. “The steady millstone of my heart.” The grinding burden-bearing heart.
— Philip Roth
Freya Manfred’s Speak Mother is like Mt. Fuji rising up in those Hokusai landscapes, above just about everything else.I’m struck again and again by how much she is able to say in these poems, with her enviable access to true feeling and wild association, things many of us have felt and would like to say if we only knew how. Those shocks and pleasures of recognition stay fresh with each new reading, the earmark of profound art. I think, and have thought for a long time, that Freya is one of the great poets of our generation, and I know I’m not the only one to hold this opinion.
— Thomas R. Smith, about Manfred’s Speak Mother
It is such a relief not to feel that she is lying or pinching other peoples’ ideas. I find the poems marvelous - her great sense of everything being sacred, and at the same time, somehow, really very funny. How can liturgy be a riot? But some of these poems really are.
— Carol Bly, about Manfred’s My Only Home

Freya Manfred’s most recent collection of poems is Speak, Mother. Her previous collection of poetry, Swimming With A Hundred Year Old Snapping Turtle, won the 2009 Midwest Bookseller’s Choice Award for Poetry. A chapbook, The Blue Dress, appeared in 2012.

A longtime Midwesterner who has also lived on both coasts, her poetry has appeared in over 100 reviews and magazines and over 40 anthologies. Her memoir, Frederick Manfred: A Daughter Remembers, was nominated for a Minnesota Book Award and an Iowa Historical Society Award.

Novelist Philip Roth says, “Freya Manfred always startles me by how close she gets to everything she sees. That’s her tough luck, but it makes her a wonderful poet.”

Poet Robert Bly says, “What I like in (her) poems is that they are not floating around in the air or the intellect. The body takes them in. They are brave. The reader and the writer meet each other in the body.”

Freya lives half an hour east of the Twin Cities with the screenwriter, Thomas Pope. Their sons, visual artists Nicholas Bly Pope and Ethan Rowan Pope have illustrated some of her poetry.

Visit Freya Manfred’s website for more information: www.freyamanfredwriter.com