PERFECT DRAGONFLY: A Commonplace Book of Poems Celebrating a Decade & a Half of Printing & Publishing at Red Dragonfly Press

Price: $20.00

ISBN 978-1-890193-33-1
350 pages
6" x 9"
Hardcover edition limited to 750 copies. Dust jacket was letterpress printed at Red Dragonfly Press. Includes an introduction by the editor, as well as a bibliography of Red Dragonfly Press books.

"In this age of online publishing, with its infinite capacity and its gluttonous welcome of poems both good and horrible, no poem receives even so much as a consistent font in which it will arrive on the screen of every 'device.' Red Dragonfly Press is founded upon the idea of presenting each poem and even the white space around it with respect. There are more tools to publishing than keyboards. Thank God for paper and ink and type design and patience and judgment, and for people like Scott King."

-Ted Kooser, former U.S. Poet Laureate

"Here's a banquet of language to savor, to read and read again. Perfect Dragonfly is a perfectly beautiful volume in content and format, a captivating anthology of poems, selected by the press's founding editor/publisher, Scott King, from the first fifteen years of Red Dragonfly's distinguished life. These 323 pages of poems by sixty-eight poets (presented in alpha order), include lyrics, narratives, and prose poems that engage the reader in vivid contemplation of the world's-especially the natural world's-variety and complexity, its delights and astonishments. The pages of this study hardcover edition, typeset in distinctive Quadraat & Quadraat Sans, are comforting to the hand turning the pages. Perfect Dragonfly is a splendid introduction to the press's impressive array of poetry in letterpress editions and paperback books."

-Emilie Buchwald, Publisher Emeritus, Milkweed Editions; Publisher, The Gryphon Press